The winter of 2012-13 has not been much to write home about. In fact, if it weren’t for last year’s highly disappointing snowfall totals, this season might come off as a real dud. However, it’s not all doom and gloom: Utah has got a few nice storms, a lot of bluebird days, and hell, we still have more snow than most places around the US of A. Ullr saw fit to drop about 7″ of light fluff on the hills over the past weekend, and it just so happened we got a good crew together to kick it around the hill. Here are a couple shots from one of my funnest (yes, I know) days of this season so far.

Dinsmore eyeing up some chutes near Millicent Bowl
Millicent Bowl was rough underneath, but that didn’t stop Dinsmore from eyeing up some nice chute lines.
brighton resort utah snow
The zone outside of Rock Garden was going off! Lining up for some rock dropping fun.
snowboard tail grab brighton utah
Dinsmore reaches for tail somewhere in the aspens.
ryan malavolta rock drop brighton utah
Yours truly getting his lien on. We were all throwing it as best we could off this little rock drop.


snowboarding brighton utah rock drop
Jeff went big, but sadly my photog skills were not on point for this one. Still have to give the man his due.
skier at brighton resort rock drop
Skip throwing down the cross en route to a soft landing.
skiier rock drop at brighton, utah
Dave getting loose before we moved on to other parts of the mountain.

We explored the trees and cliff zones around Milly for a couple hours, then it was back to the truck for a few beers and PB&Js. Yes, we live high on the hog out here in Utah! After lunch we headed over toward Clayton Peak and Snake Creek Pass to see if we could find some more snow hidden in the trees. The search paid off!

backcountry kicker at brighton resort, utah
Found a nicely built booter that just had to be sessioned. Skip getting sideways in the sunshine.
backcountry kicker brighton utah
Just yards past the landing is a zone of deep pines that holds powder for days after a storm. Jeff sends it with the coming turns awaiting.
brighton utah snowboarder hitting a kicker
Dinsmore poppin’ and lockin’ in one of Brighton’s secret places.

A few more hours in the trees and bowls led to tired legs and hungry bellies. We called it and headed back to the trucks for a tailgate toast, and relived a few of the day’s better moments. It wasn’t the deepest day of the season, but the right mix of good people and just enough snow definitely made it the most fun. Never underestimate the amazing energy that comes along with riding in a big group of friends…I don’t get many of these days lately, so I will keep this one in my back pocket for a while.