When it comes to outdoor recreation, Utah has it in spades.  Sure, there are other states that have taller peaks, deep powder or gorgeous beaches, but when it comes to diversity, the Beehive state might just pull top billing.  From the Wasatch Mountains to the canyon country of the Colorado Plateau, outdoor junkies have an amazing choice of playgrounds no matter what the season.

The wide variety of landscapes means that every time of year is a good time for adventures.  Just as varied as the terra is the weather, and that’s a good thing.  This season Ullr has delivered the goods; over 480 inches of fluff and counting, but the boys and I are getting antsy for warm, sunny desert days.  We started planning out a trip that would deliver on two needs:  canyon explorations and a venue to drink beer in the desert sun.  With two nights and three days to spare, we set our sights on Escalante:  a wide open National Monument that begs lengthy exploration.  As our go-time draws nearer, we discovered a hitch in our plan:  the weather might not be ideal in the Grand Staircase.

Snow and arches? It's in Utah.

Utah provided us with an easy solution to our weather trouble:  Moab.  When I checked the Escalante forecast it was daytime temps of high 40s with mid 20s overnight:  not exactly what we are seeking.  However, just a couple hundred miles away in Moab it’s a different outlook- 60s in the day with mid 30s at night… now that’s what we are looking for.  Now think about his- at the same time that we’ll be basking in the desert sun, it will likely be snowing in the Wasatch and Uinta Mountains of northeast Utah; diverse indeed.

You can't summit here until June, but until then the desert has you covered.

The point of all this is simple:  it’s never a bad time to get away in Utah.  If you’re not stoked on the forecast in one area, just move a few miles in the other direction and you’ll probably find what you’re looking for.  Diversity rules the day in Utah; there is an endless supply of canyons, badlands, open basins and mountains just begging to be explored.  If it’s powder and peaks you want, you’re covered.  If you need to get lost in a slot canyon, UT has your back.  And if you and some buddies are just looking for a sunny place to drink some beers and check out the red rocks, well, you know what I’m getting at.  Diversity- the best friend of the outdoor junkie.