The season is young but scattered reports are filtering in.  Word from Vegas is sketchy but promising.  Utah is ripe but we have only limited information.  Details to follow.

Showgirls, booze and sketchy characters on the Vegas strip.  Our agent says it was a front line battle to sift through all the riff raff but sunny skies and full strength liquor still prevail.  Selection Sunday in Sin City can only be equaled by an inside look at the inner sanctum of the holiest of holies:  Brigham Young University.  The prized Cougars have earned a 3 seed in the Big Dance, and why not, the have fought the good fight.

Details of canyon scouting trips are sparse, but so far the Utah desk has garnered the following:  fast paced exit to the Escalante area; make camp; beware the poisons of the desert.  The Yellow Rock and Grosvenor becon.  Dogs and beer; steak if there is room; only the essentials.  Low risk, high reward.  Still accepting fitting applicants.

As we mentioned, these details are limited but paint a stark picture:  sunshine in the west and limitless possibilities- we are glued to the wires for more updates.